Who, What and Why Indeed.

Why did I start this blog? Because I’m a writer. Well I get paid to be anyway. An advertising writer that is. Not the real kind. The kind that sells people shit they don’t want. Yes, that kind. The kind people love to hate (to love). And I’m a little frustrated. About writing pun-y one-liners, doing ‘clever’ word plays and witty end titles for TV ads.

I want to write about other stuff too. Stuff like my resident Bo Kaap crazy who thinks my neighbour not coming home at exactly 5 o’clock is the start of an epic conspiracy, or the corner café man who is the biggest cat wo’man’ I’ve ever know.

I’ll probably also toss in a few write-ups about the ‘hidden gems’ of Cape Town. I put hidden gems in ‘’ because it’s not that they’re hidden exactly, it’s just that few people (I know) would dare to go in them. Well most of the time anyway. My husband will vouch for that. (It’s probably the quality he loves/hates about me most).

I should probably also mention that I’m a lover of the ridiculous, the absurd and the just plain silly. But an intense hater of the stupid, which might come up a bit. *Pleading for forgiveness now.*

So really this blog is going to feature some inappropriate remarks, a few embarrassing antics and generally lame observations mixed in with some fairly useful shit about Cape Town. I also swear a little more than average (just thought I’d mention that upfront), which makes my parents wonder where the money for my education went, and how I actually get paid to be a writer. Just know, that I’m working on it.

*I’m pretty sure I’m not the only blonde in Bo Kaap. But I’m part of a minority. Definitely.



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